Following The Traditions of Men

Sunday, October 27th, 2013 | by Gabriel Thy |
Sadly god has nothing to do with religious symbols and in fact they do not represent Him. I will be more than glad to explain where the cross was copy edited into the book named after the sun goddess Biblio. In 100% of the 69 Pre-Constantine Koine Greek parchments we have these place holders for the Upright Pillar or “Upright One;” ΧΣ, ΧΥ, ΧΩ, or they wrote the Greek word for Upright Pole Straus however you now read cross and here is why. General Constantine claimed to have seen a sign in the sky,motivating him to aspire to the imperial throne. Thus dawns the Universal Era of church history. The vision the general claimed to have seen was a fiery cross superimposed in front of the sun. He attests to hearing a voice cry out: “In this sign, conquer.”

Crosses attached to or superimposed on circles were the most common Satanic symbols in pagan religions. The Egyptian Ankh, the Hindu Swastika, the Druid “Peace Sign,” and the Roman Chi Rho are all examples. The scientific symbol for “woman,” a circular sun with an external cross, was first used in Babylon to designate the “Mother of God.” The biological male designation, a circle with an arrow emanating from it, is also of Babylonian origin. It signified the sun, represented by the circle, sending a ray, represented by the arrow, out to Mother Earth, impregnating her at the Festival of Ishtar, celebrated on the Sunday nearest the Vernal Equinox (Todays’s Easter) True to the faith of Constantine, Catholics celebrate the Sun’s achievement each year on Easter Sunday, nine months before the Sun God’s nativity on December 25th.

“But you pierce Him and defile it with your boastful declarations. The table of My Upright One is defiled. His fruit is despised food.” (Mal’aky / Malachi 1:12)

The use of the pagan Cross is akin to Easter or Christmas to the Creator. According to Him His Names and Symbols were never to be copy edited and replaced by men and their reigious objects. After throwing out all the placeholders they did add one. Amen is what they added and that makes it either a name or a title in this case the only name it can be associated with is Amen Rah the Egyptian sun god and this means that at the end of most prayers performed by the religious they pay homage to Amen Rah.

“Surely the person who proclaims a message on behalf of a deity who oversteps their bounds to speak words in My name which I have not instructed nor directed him to speak , and who speaks in the name of other gods (‘elohym), indeed then that prophet shall die.” (Dabarym / Deuteronomy 18:20)

Appointed Unto Men Once To Die, But After This The Judgement

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 | by Gabriel Thy |
An Oakland man has been found guilty of first-degree murder for shooting and killing his friend during an alcohol and cocaine-fueled argument over the existence of God.

33-year-old Douglas Yim was also found guilty Tuesday of assault with a firearm and mayhem for shooting a second friend in his living room two years ago.

Yim killed 25-year-old Dzuy Duhn Phan after a night of partying and playing video games. Another friend, Paul Park, testified the two men had engaged in a heated discussion about God. Yim then became enraged and grabbed his gun after Phan asked Yim where God was when Yim’s father died of a stroke several years earlier.

Yim shot Phan at least six times. Park was also hit by a bullet. For not turning the other cheek after being emotionally baited during his zealous mood to prove his friend wrong on a lingering question whose answer is self-evident in the affirmative to some and ridiculous poppycock to others. For his role in this preoccupying joust fought over thousands of very eager years, Yim faces 126 years to life in prison.

Fortunately, if God is true, Phan will get his opportunity to change his mind, and perhaps emerge from this senseless act of violence in the name of religion, better off than Yim the Believer.

God The Pragmatic Principle

Friday, August 16th, 2013 | by Gabriel Thy |
If there was no image of God—such as what Christianity believes, and widely touts about Jesus with room for minor civilizational modifications—with no texts of any kind, and you were all on your own, with no reference point, what would you ponder to be the qualities of the source of existence? Would you be willing to give up everything to have an affirming experience with that source, with no guarantee of a prescient being, to greet you at the end of your quest? And, If so, why would such an effort be required to acknowledge God’s presence, and reveal his existence?

When we are clear that God created us eternally, and that there is a spiritual world, corresponding to that eternal life, the world will know a spiritual awakening in this scientific era, so called. Through this people will slowly discard selfishness.
What would you feel? What would you conclude? What would you find out? Would it be something dissatisfying? Would God perhaps be unlikeable? Would God be selfish and filled with the desire for power? Or would power dissatisfy God? Would he forego power merely because of logic? Or would He not be able to consider power as a primary objective, for a deeper reason?

I guess in any case God would know if He were to be discovered as a selfish bastard, because his motives were born in the desire for control, no one would really want to include him in anything. But we are lucky, because God is holy, in the sense that the parent child relationship forms the central axis of the universe. God is all around us and inside of us. We are His and Her children, this makes us all a family. There are many answers which have been divulged, because we require them. This is the work of the Divine Principle and its philosophical component, Unification Thought.

The most important thing and point of any explanation is that God may be felt, and experienced, beyond concept. When we are clear that God created us eternally, and that there is a spiritual world, corresponding to that eternal life, the world will know a spiritual awakening in this scientific era, so called. Through this people will slowly discard selfishness. This time of Cosmic Spring has been initiated, by True Parents.

~ The Oxtail Crew