On The Nature of Monogamy

Friday, March 25th, 2011 | by Gabriel Thy |
SINCE THE DAWN OF CIVILIZATION, after the elements are tamed and the future becomes less impulsive for survival but shifting and pensive for prosperity, the most critical problem faced by a city, state or nation was probably this:

How do you get men excited about creating wealth?

Life for the single man is easy, even today; the amount of labor required to meet one’s own, and only one’s own, material needs is miniscule, particularly in comparison to the amount of labor required to meet the needs of oneself, one’s wife and her children. During the pre-civilization and early civilization eras, polygamy tends to be the rule, with women insinuated to the most wealthy or powerful men. Women who do not, or can not make that deal tend not to survive or procreate in a way most beneficial to the group. This is not to suggest that other types of social arrangements did not develop, but only to note the dominant form as suggested by historical and natural evidence.

So the question remains, how do you motivate a man with no reasonable prospects of progeny—usually men who are neither wealthy nor powerful—excited about building or maintaining a civilization? The easiest is to maintain polygamy and practice slavery to whip those men and women not part of the elite into line. Again, evidence for this particular cultural variation is quite familiar to us today.

However, the most effective social arrangement in terms of producing the wealthiest and most powerful civilizations is monogamy. Monogamy gives all men a stake in the future of their civilization and thus a strong interest in their own general and personalized welfare. Unfortunately, as a culture, we have degraded monogamy, and most other values associated with this form of family unit—trust, loyalty, forgiveness, child-bearing, the creation and consolidation of wealth, generosity, fluency. Look around you. We are paying the ultimate price for our choices. The corrosive loss of liberty in this nation continues unabated.

Matthew 19:4-6
“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

As nature shows, the prime directive of all lifeforms is about procreation. Even where there is infertility, the necessities of extended family prove themselves a burden to those who can not or choose not to procreate. But during generations of rebellion against the original natures of male and female, societies will extricate an exception (infertility, poverty, wealth, cruelty, inclination) to the rule to provide cover for other forms of social unity, none of which provide al parties with the same level of mutual dignity provided for in the original directive. As nature does indeed abhor a vaccuum, there is always another beastly system creeping back in vogue, a feral system of submission, enslavement, polygamy, lies, deception, and death. You will recognize this wretched demonic system by its fruits.

Read a much longer, more poisonous opposing view.

Yeah, let’s not try harder, and really love those you once confessed you’d love and cherish forever. Yeah, that’s much too difficult. Didn’t the disciples say as much to Yeshua

But in America, the land of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution there is freedom, liberty of choice, the pursuit of happiness. It is yet to be seen how we as a nation shall parse all these competing ideologies in reference to the law of the land. God will have his say, no doubt, as well, but meanwhile all we have is vigorous debates of tattered scripture, our sciences and our personal consciences to guide us.

Disinfecting A Language of Persuasion

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 | by Gabriel Thy |

LATELY, THERE HAVE BEEN LIVELY DISCUSSIONS AFOOT about whether Islam is a cult, a great religion, or a mere but tenacious heresy of Christianity. While we deny all three of those characterizations of Islam, and insist that Arabian supremacy as the engine of Mohammedism is in uncanny direct opposition to Christianity, even to the point of declaring Islam the Beast of St. John and Mohammed its False Prophet, below is an argument for Islam as Christian heresy:

Peter de Montboissier, also known as Peter the Venerable who lived in the beginning of the 12th century was very involved in matters of Mohammedanism and even had the Koran translated into Latin after spending time studying the subject in Spain.

He demonstrates Islam is a Christian heresy in his celebrated and perfectly accepted by the Church works: “Summa totius heresis Saracenorum (The Summary of the Entire Heresy of the Saracens) and the Liber contra sectam sive heresim Saracenorum (The Refutation of the Sect or Heresy of the Saracens).” (from Wikipedia and the Catholic Encyclopedia)

From Wikipedia, again:

In these works Peter portrays Islam as a Christian heresy that approaches paganism, and he explains to St. Bernard that his goal is …”that I may follow the custom of those Fathers, who passed over no heresy in silence ever, even the lightest (as I will thus call it), but rather resisted it with all the strength of their faith, and showed it, through writings and arguments, to be detestable and damnable.”

We suspect the “Church” has never, officially at least, “corrected” or “clarified” its understanding of Mohammedanism as a Christian heresy, witnessed perhaps by the actions and the recent comments and by Pope Benedict when visiting Turkey. The fact that it doesn’t refer to it as such today is dictated by completely different but rather obvious reasons.




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Our Savage Nation

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 | by Gabriel Thy |
WITH A SINGLE WORD, “prophetically,” Robin of Berkeley gets to the heart of this throwback to the thunder and histrionics of the Old Testament prophets. Michael Savageis a man out of time, a return to the ancient Hebrew prophets. He is Ezekiel, lying on his side, bound by ropes, suffering as he warns of the consequences of abandoning God; Jeremiah, wandering around Jerusalem with an ox yoke around his neck, reminding people of the culture and good they’ve forgotten; and he is Isaiah, stripped naked and barefoot and warning of the brutality and persecution to come if they continue to follow false gods.

The Michael Savage show is the stuff of Old Testament. Listening to him is like reading the Psalms, all anger and angst and despair. Sure, he intones, “I believe in the Bible” but when is God going to do something?
And so each afternoon Savage sits down at the microphone and offers the 21st century equivalent of getting naked and barefoot. He bluntly, angrily calls out media and political elites for destroying the most prosperous and free nation the world has ever seen. Their “lies” have given us “the sexual free-for-all, the experimental drugs, the easy divorce, the banishment of Judeo-Christian anything from schools, the flood of immigrants, and the so-called abortion rights movement.” And out comes the Bible, as he reads from the prophet Micah, “thou shall eat but not be satisfied…. ”

“That’s you,” he thunders over the air, “That’s you!” Look what they’ve done to you, what you’ve allowed them to do to you. They say we can have it all if we just listen to them — e.g., spend our way into prosperity, let the government take care of us — but they don’t care about you, only themselves. Look around, they’ve given us “corruption and violence.” It is “horrible to believe this could happen to this country.” Wake up, he booms, let’s find our way back “from Babylon.”

In Georgetown, in Cambridge and Berkeley they call it “lunatic fringe” bigotry. But he perches atop the talk radio business because ordinary Americans, openly mocked by Beltway politicians and media elites, call it Truth with a capital “T.” The elites don’t get him and never will. That’s why, as the New Yorker put it, he is doomed to being a “permanent resident of the political wilderness, sending daily dispatches back to the diseased civilization the rest of us call home.”

The Michael Savage show is the stuff of Old Testament. Listening to him is like reading the Psalms, all anger and angst and despair. Sure, he intones, “I believe in the Bible” but when is God going to do something? “I pray four of five times a day” but sometimes I feel like “Mother Theresa near the end. Mother Theresa said He (God) doesn’t write, doesn’t call, what’s the point of this?” The point, of course, is also contained in the Psalms, which mixes despair with hope.

Read it all.


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