Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
Atheism is a religion and naturalistic notions of origins are religious which has legal implications relative to evolution being taught in public schools.

John Calvert, an attorney and intelligent design proponent declared:

The Seventh Judicial Circuit of the Court of Appeals of the United States held that atheism is a religion. Therefore, it cannot be promoted by a public school. Currently, public schools are often unwittingly promoting atheism through a dogmatic and uncritical teaching of materialistic theories of origins.

Unwittingly? Hardly. But let’s ponder this point a bit more in depth. America’s dream of a melting has dried up. The Judeo-Christian beginnings of this nation are under attack by certain opinionated demographics. The stew is now crunchy. The question is how do we proceed from this dried soup that is today’s Constitutional United States of America…

To be continued…




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