Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
Thomas Paine

Citizen Thomas Paine

FROM THE ASTUTE FOUNDING FATHERS like John Adams and Thomas Paine to the magnificient explorers like Meriweather Lewis and Daniel Boone to the undeterred inventors of the Industrial Age like Eli Whitney, Samuel Colt, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford, to the charismatic poet prophets Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, and Bob Dylan, who captured it all for the American Dream, there has always been something special about the American Way. Call it American exceptionalism. Or call it hype. But the American presence here and abroad has not only captured the hearts and minds, praise and vitriol, love and theft of the remaining quarters of the planet, it has offered the rest of the planet a way out of their own thousand year struggles.

Let freedom ring! That’s how we sing it. But do we obey our own declaration? Many now say no. This is a heated topic in today’s political and spiritual arenas.

To be continued…




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