Moral Relativity Flunks The Test

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 by Gabriel Thy
ON THE VERIFIABLE NEWS that Geert Wilders requires six body guards to travel around these days, I think it’s more than a little ironic that Muslims and their left-wing shills in the West continue to trot out a host of anti-Christian moral relativism these days. Of course, nobody needs six body guards for supporting or trashing a Richard Dawkins book or for watching an anti-Christian documentary will scourge the airwaves…

And this is the real message of the Fitna film. But of course, once again, Islam will prove the point of this movie by responding to claims that it is a violent religion by reacting with violence.


Geert Wilders

For all the moral relativism sulking about, this is because Christians of every stripe are enough confident in their own faith that they can withstand criticism of their religion. It is because of Christ’s teachings that his followers don’t terrorize non-believers, history notwithstanding. Moshiach told his followers to LOVE their enemies, presumably, as he loved those who hated him, and were about to deliver him up to death. Moral relativists like to point to the past in bloodying the street cred of Christianity, but the fact remains, despite all the theological hocus pocus long in the tooth on both sides of this Abrahamic divide, the immediate danger to those of us living in the flesh today lies not in the past, but in contemporary times. And Christians, despite their many failings, do not currently own this albatross (except fool leaders who fight wars like pansies)…

Muhammad on the other hand didn’t set a very high bar of righteousness nor was a very good role model for his followers, for he was quick to anger, and reacted by killing those that would not revel in his bastardized version of Allah.

Muslims revere the fact that Muhammad was a fierce warrior and led inspired armies in crushing his opponents. If he did not kill them on the spot, he gave them two choices—convert or die (both mortally and immortally). Why do you expect his followers to be anything different 1400 years later?

Islam was born from violence and continues in this practice today.


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