A Muslim Perspective, Not Unlike Many Others

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 by Gabriel Thy

Below is a general outline of why Islam fills its adherants with a supremicist attitude, much like Christians once held contempt for the jewish people. Read and weep, for this is a true believer in his own words, as jumbled as they sometimes are. But make no mistake about it. The meaning is clear. There is little room for misunderstanding or misplaced appreciation for his position.

One can cajole Islam or resist it, criticise it or even hate it; this may not be the matter of any contention. What matters the most is that we should know; what Islam is?

Religion of Islam is not something new. Islam is an improved, duly reformed and latest higher degree version of teachings tested and tried over centuries which were initially imparted by our common religious father Abraham. Islam with its latest Holy Book Quran fundamentally confirms the Torah of Moses and all the prophets of Jews; it clarifies the contentious position of the Reformer of Israelite the ‘Jesus the Christ’ and also confirms the true teachings contained in Bible. Islam where confirms and validates these old denominations, also makes them stand firm on their true foundations.

The very high held phenomena of Love is very much revered and relished in the circles of Christianity. This factor of Love is one which remains close to the heart of all the Christian societies. Love thy neighbour; God is love and it is all but love of God, were the main guiding lines spelled out by the Reformer of Judaic- Jesus; who was a humble soul sent by God. But one is tended to think that why after all only the message of love became so important that it was required to be spread in the societies of Israelites? And why it has become the requirement of the time?

Having known these facts and fundamentals of our religion; if some one negates Islam; he or she is not negating Islam but the entire mythology found in religion. He also negates the Torah and Bible and all the other valid scriptures and the prophets as well as the ‘Divinity of God’.
It is observed that before the advent of Jesus, Israelites were found very harsh in conduct and their hearts were very much hardened. God loves His creation and it was required that tenderness of Love and affection remained filled in their lives. History tells us that Israelites were earlier found low of the low and destitute people under Pharaoh in Egypt. There lives were worthless. Life was but a misery. Their male members, even in infancy were taken away and killed. Ultimately they were told to migrate under the command of Moses to escape the Pharaoh’s tyranny.

Later to inculcate the sense of pride and honour among them; where they were supported with divinely provisions; special commandments and laws were also introduced. Laws like eye for eye; tooth for tooth and blood for blood were enforced. This has helped restore their dignity and pride among them but over the time these rules when became the cultural norms in society; it has made them haughty, cruel and their hearts were hardened. It needed a surgery to bring back the tenderness, love and affection among them. Love became the requirement of the day; so Jesus* a humble soul was sent to spread love.

Waters keep on flowing and time passes by; after Jesus era of reformation was over; God delivered His final Word and Islam dawned on the Horizons. Muhammad* brought Quran as a universal Guidance for the whole of mankind. In case of believers of Islam where Quran gives them the glad tidings; it also admonishes them very strenuously, lest they deviate from Allah’s path and be punished like the old defunct denominations who could earn nothing except the wrath of God.

The strictness and supposedly stringent and stern instructions found in the commandments for the believers in Quran denote that there is no more a Jesus like honeymoon period for them to avail. The completion and finalization of all the commandment and guidance required for the mankind has since been done. The period of push and pull; despair and hope and the era when sending of prophet at the head of every century was necessary to steer the masses back on to track has since gone. Even the completion phase of Word of God required for the mankind has also fished with the advent of Prophet Muhammad*.

Everything is spelled out clear and with out any ambiguity. It is action time to submit to Allah’s will with fullest of devotions. Muslims ought to be enough articulates to invite others to come and submit at the Alter of God lest it is too late and they all are doomed. Muslims have to strive very hard to full fill their duty. Muslims are told that Allah is the ultimate love and they should fear Allah that they are not caught for any slackness in their conducts to full fill their duty after this that order has been passed and they should also lead their lives with a high hope that Allah is there to bless and forgive them.

Having known these facts and fundamentals of our religion; if some one negates Islam; he or she is not negating Islam but the entire mythology found in religion. He also negates the Torah and Bible and all the other valid scriptures and the prophets as well as the ‘Divinity of God’.

It is but imperative for all of us to know Allah’s plans and submit to His will. We need to carve our lives and our societies accordingly.

Resist we may; but come to terms; we have to.
Love for all, Hatred for None

* Peace and blessings of Allah be upon them.

—A Khokar

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