Belgium Didn’t Think This Would Happen To Them

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 by Gabriel Thy

Dear Gabriel,

Yesterday we emailed you about the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) sharia disinformation campaign. ICNA is a Muslim Brotherhood-connected organization whose goal is restoring the Islamic caliphate and imposing sharia law across the world.

Mohammed Halal McDonald

Mohammed Halal McDonald

When nations and cultures ignore the early warning signs of the infiltration of radical Islam, they pay a very dear price. The UK has 85 sharia courts. France has over 750 “no go zones,” Muslim enclaves where even French police don’t enter. We’re sure most people in Belgium never believed this could happen in their country. The path of least resistance for us Americans is to assume this could never happen here. But it already is. Just ask the Pennsylvania man who dressed up as a “zombie Mohammed” in a Halloween parade and was assaulted by a Muslim. To add insult to injury, a judge lectured the man who marched in the parade—calling him insensitive—and, astonishingly, dismissed the charges against the Muslim.

Someone must repeatedly sound the warning for America. That is the mission of ACT! for America. What can you do today to be part of our “early warning system?”

  • Join us at our National Conference. Register by April 20th and you’ll receive our “early bird” benefits, including a chance to win free registration and $250 toward your travel expenses! For more information and how to register click here.
  • View and pass the word about the textbook report recently released by our “sister” organization, ACT! for America Education.
  • Make a contribution and receive one of our important resources as our thank you. For example, for a $35 contribution we will send you a DVD with over three hours of presentations on the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Start or get involved in a local chapter.
  • Contact us here:

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