Disinfecting A Language of Persuasion

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 by Gabriel Thy

LATELY, THERE HAVE BEEN LIVELY DISCUSSIONS AFOOT about whether Islam is a cult, a great religion, or a mere but tenacious heresy of Christianity. While we deny all three of those characterizations of Islam, and insist that Arabian supremacy as the engine of Mohammedism is in uncanny direct opposition to Christianity, even to the point of declaring Islam the Beast of St. John and Mohammed its False Prophet, below is an argument for Islam as Christian heresy:

Peter de Montboissier, also known as Peter the Venerable who lived in the beginning of the 12th century was very involved in matters of Mohammedanism and even had the Koran translated into Latin after spending time studying the subject in Spain.

He demonstrates Islam is a Christian heresy in his celebrated and perfectly accepted by the Church works: “Summa totius heresis Saracenorum (The Summary of the Entire Heresy of the Saracens) and the Liber contra sectam sive heresim Saracenorum (The Refutation of the Sect or Heresy of the Saracens).” (from Wikipedia and the Catholic Encyclopedia)

From Wikipedia, again:

In these works Peter portrays Islam as a Christian heresy that approaches paganism, and he explains to St. Bernard that his goal is …”that I may follow the custom of those Fathers, who passed over no heresy in silence ever, even the lightest (as I will thus call it), but rather resisted it with all the strength of their faith, and showed it, through writings and arguments, to be detestable and damnable.”

We suspect the “Church” has never, officially at least, “corrected” or “clarified” its understanding of Mohammedanism as a Christian heresy, witnessed perhaps by the actions and the recent comments and by Pope Benedict when visiting Turkey. The fact that it doesn’t refer to it as such today is dictated by completely different but rather obvious reasons.




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