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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 by Gabriel Thy
White Sheets

White Sheets Of Islam

As much as I have posted in other Scenewash Project blogs concerning the pressing political ramifications of the aggressive nature of Islam, I do not wish to focus here at Theosplatz on that aspect of the differences between generalized competing belief systems, but intend rather to dig deeper into the very nature and substance of these competing beliefs. This is itself a daunting task, and I will begin at the personal level. So here is my disclaimer:

There are many who hold foolish beliefs, but with nearly everyone other than Muslims in the 21st century, it is a rare occurance, that these strange cults try to intimidate society with grievous bodily harm into accepting their foolish beliefs. With Islamic believers of every stripe, however, there are a huge number of devotees who hold foolish beliefs, and they actively agitate and work to intimidate society into accepting their foolish beliefs.

Society doesn’t have a climate of unspoken fear about Jehovah’s Witnesses, because nearly most pressing imposition on society that a JW will do is take up your time at your front door. Society does, however, have a major climate of unspoken fear and intimidation in regard to Muslims, because there are huge numbers of Muslims who are continually probing and testing the system, commiting horrible acts, and suing or otherwise harming or killing anyone who gets in their way.

So, let’s move on past this truism and concede the separation of powers with this endeavor. If you wish to read more or debate the “political nature” of Islam as described above, please visit these other blogs:

  • The Two-Fisted Quorum: Surveying America the Beautiful, Radical Centrism, the Project Manifesto and YOU DARLING with a sweetly perfumed flower jammed up your silly relentless nostrils.
  • The Bellicose Augur: The world of life according to the world of death. Manifesting those global tensions merely hinted at in the Chainthinker section of the Project. A long stare into the short fuse of Islam.
  • Otherwise, this blog is the theological arm of my present belief system, salvaged after fifty some years kicking about in the stench-driven junkyards of God’s ancient bold promises.




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